Best Fat Burning Ab Exercises For Women To Try

Fat in the abdomen area is the hardest to get rid of and is known to increase the risks of diabetes and heart disease. Excess abdominal fat is highly common among women, all across the globe.Here are some amazingly effective fat-burning exercises for women that can make your belly fat a thing of the past.These stellar exercises will help you lose mega calories and, in the process, tone your mid-section while strengthening your obliques and core muscles. Also, it is important to be mindful of the fact that in order to get well-toned abs, one must regularly perform these exercises and also maintain a healthy lifestyle. And in case you've been suffering from a health issue or injury, then do consult your doctor before starting any new workout.

Best fat burning ab exercise for women.

1.Bicycle Crunches: To perform this movement, you'll have to lie on your back with your arms behind your head and your legs stretched out. Then, you'll have to raise your legs in a way that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Touch your elbow with the knees of the raised leg. Repeat this movement with the other leg. After a few reps, you'll start feeling the heat in the abdominal area. Do 2 sets of 20 reps to get well-toned abs.

2.Scissors: First, lie on your back with your arms and legs outstretched. Then, lift both your legs, a few inches off the floor, while keeping your arms on the floor. Then, raise your left leg a bit higher than the right one. Repeat the same with both the legs. Do 2 sets of 20 reps to get rid of the muffin top effectively.

3.Russian Twists: To perform this belly-flattening exercise, you'll have to sit on the floor in a way that your knees are bent and your feet are parallel to the floor. Then, lift your lower body a few inches off the floor and lean back with your hands near the head, like you're holding an object. Twist your upper body, without moving the lower part. Do at least a set of 20-25 reps, on a daily basis, for incredible results.

4.Diagonal Planks: This plank variation is great for working the core muscles and getting rid of the muffin top. To execute this exercise, first of all position your body like you would for a standard plank exercise. Then, raise your left hand and right leg at the same time. Keep your body steady in that position for at least 5 seconds, before repeating the same with the alternate hand and leg. Perform 20 reps in the beginning and then gradually increase the number of reps for amazing results.

5.Mountain Climbers: This is one exercise that can benefit your body in various ways. Popular as a cardio, this exercise is also great for shaping the abs. To perform this exercise, position your body in a pushup position and then move your legs in a way you would if you were climbing a mountain. After just a couple of reps, you'll start feeling the heat in the abdominal area. In the beginning, just do 10-12 reps and then increase the number of reps after a few days.

These are the best fat burning ab exercises for women.