Cooling Pranayam to Beat the Heat

Experts suggest including water-based and cooling ingredients in one's regular diet in order to keep the system calm and cool. Hydrating, seasonal ingredients like melons, gourds, cucumbers and citrus fruits are all excellent to keep you hydrated, help you feel light and fresh and at the same time supply essential micronutrients to the body.

1. Sheetli Pranayam

This is a kind of breathing technique that works specially to cool your body from within. "Sit in Sukhasana or padmasana with your hands placed on the knees. Bring your tongue all the way out and fold both sides of the tongue like a tube or straw. Take a long, deep inhalation through your tongue. After inhalation, close your mouth and exhale through the nose.

2. Sheetkari Pranayam

Practicing this technique remains similar to the one mentioned above. The only difference is that this one is done with clenched teeth. So you sit in a standard padmasana or sukhasana, with your hands on the knees. Clench your teeth and inhale, take a long breath, hold and release slowly via the nostrils.

Things to Keep in Mind

These techniques are great for people suffering from heat stroke. You can practice these anytime in the day. Those suffering from low blood pressure, flu or cold and asthma or respiratory issues should avoid performing these techniques. Practice these pranayama exercises slowly; both inhalation and exhalation should be slow.