Dance is better for weight lose

Hate working out, jogging or lifting weights? Ditch them and get fit with dance moves instead.

 Salsa for the lovebirds

What better motivation to lose weight than having your better half bucking you up at every step? Match him step-for-step while keeping him close as you both start on salsa lessons together. Salsa is the perfect exercise for you to help you stay fit, meet new people or make some amazing new memories with your loved one. This cardio-intensive workout with its many movements will help you lose 10 calories by the minute and the best part is, you can practice it at home on off-days.

Dance Bollywood style

Love Bollywood and its groovy numbers? Look no further than the Bollywood style of dancing to shed those extra kilos. There’s a good reason why our Bollywood dance is taking the world by rage. It’s groovy and peppy! A combination of Bhangra with a tinge of hip-hop and other modern Indian dances combine to form a pulsating session of workout.

Try Zumba

Ditch your daily workout and party to lose weight instead. Seems too good to be true? Add some spice to your daily workout schedules with Zumba. Imagine learning a little bit of salsa, calypso, belly dancing, samba and many such dance forms in just one amazing dance exercise. Zumba is a cardio-dance workout which blends all the dance forms and the result is hour long sessions that will pass in a breeze.

Wear your Ballerina shoes

Are you feeling inspired after watching Black Swan? Put your ballerina shoes to good use and enroll in a ballet class. Improve your posture, get more flexible and build your hips, abdomen and thighs all while you master this sensuous dance form. Doesn’t ballet sound like more fun than a session of cardio or lifting weights at your gym?