Diet Tips Every Bride-To-Be Must Follow For Weight Loss

1. Stay Hydrated

We are sure everyone must have already heaped your head with this tip but here it is, topping our list as well. Apart from keeping you hydrated, water keeps the metabolism running high and keeps your skin healthy.

2. Say 'No' To Sugar

Sugar is all empty calories. And, you really don't want more of it right before your wedding. Please don't substitute sugar with artificial sweeteners. Push your sweet tooth under the covers for a while and give sugary foods a break, at least till your wedding.

3. Throw Away Packaged Food

Give up on processed and frozen foods or anything that comes in a pack, replete with preservatives and harmful chemicals. You really don't want to stuff your body with that stuff, right?

4. Eat Healthy

This one is a no-brainer. Eat more of fresh fruits, green vegetables and protein-rich foods to get over the energy hump. All that running around takes away a lot from you, so replenish your body with these foods.

5. Reduce Or Eliminate Fat From Your Diet

Go for low-fat dairy and avoid fats in the form of cheese, excessive oil, butter and more such fattening foods.

6. Go Easy On Salt

According to health experts, excessive salt consumption may lead to water retention while a low-salt diet may flush out extra water from the body and fuel in glow and sheen in the skin.

7. Limit Alcohol Intake

We know it's celebration time and your happiness knows no bounds. But, if you are hell-bent on looking great at your own wedding, please hold it off for wedding and post wedding celebrations.