Exercises For A Toned Body

The new trend is about having a cut body with toned muscle- it is no more about flaunting bulky and hefty muscles. If one has to get a toned body, it involves performing dedicated exercises that focus on working on specific muscles that contribute to the perfect look you aspire for.Here are some exercises for a toned body.

Exercises for a toned body are:

1.Warming Up: Doing weights without warming up can be detrimental to your quest for getting the perfect body. Even if you are looking at reducing weight, doing weights without warming up will not give you results either. As far as exercises for toned arms and toned legs go, you must not ignore your warm up at any cost.

2.Lighter Weights: Lifting heavier weights will only make your muscles more bulky and not give you the shape you desire. If you wish to get a toned body, make sure you lift lighter weights and do more reps.

3.Free Weights vs Machine Weights: If you wish to focus on one particular muscle without really exerting adjacent muscles, machine weights are best suited. Coming to the question of toned muscles, it is advisable that you do free weights, for they help in shaping muscles better than machine weights.

4.Super Sets: Super sets involves working on two or three different muscles one after the other. For instance, if you are lifting dumbbells for your arms, immediately switch to one set of bench press or triceps. These are called super sets. They work wonders in giving you a toned body.

5.Push Ups: Now here is something for the most effective exercises for a toned body- free body exercises. Push ups are one of the most effective exercises for toned arms. They help toning both biceps as well as triceps.

6.Bench Press: Bench Press is the best exercise for a toned chest, more effective than any other exercise. It also works muscles of the arms and shoulders.

7.Squats And Dead Lift: If there is one perfect exercise for toned thighs and toned calf muscles, it has to be dead lift. Getting the squat position right is imperative in this regard.

8.Stretching: Stretching forms a crucial part in the effort to get a toned body. Do not forget to stretch after a workout. Stretching helps muscles recuperate and allows for a cut body.

9.Sprints: Sprints are another lovely exercise for a cut and toned body. Sprinting burns fat like nobody’s business and helps muscles take perfect shape.

10.Swimming: Swimming is a brilliant exercise and is known to be one of the most effective exercises in the world. It helps in burning fat as well as in toning your muscles. Even medical practitioners speak high of swimming as a brilliant exercise for weight loss as well as muscle building.

These are the exercises for a toned body.