Exercises That Help Increase Breast Size Naturally

Exercises that concentrate on the back, shoulder muscles and pectoral muscles help in toning the chest muscles located behind the breast tissue, thereby improving one's posture and size. We have gathered some of the best and effective 'natural' ways to improve your breast size, that does not have any side-effects

1. Wall Presses

Doing this exercise can help build your pectoral muscles, causing your chest to expand with regular practice. One of the easiest types of exercises for breast enlargement, it does not require any extra types of equipment

2. Arm Circles

Effective and easy, arm circles can also be done using dumbbells or weighted cans. With the exercise involving the movement of your shoulder muscles and back muscles, they can help increase breast size.

3. Arm Presses

This exercise involves the movement of your shoulder and pectoral muscles, which are effective in increasing your breast size. You can do the exercise using weights as well.

4. Prayer Pose

This exercise too requires the movement of your pectoral muscles and is one of the easiest exercises for breast enlargement

5. Horizontal Chest Press

Similar to the prayer pose, this form of exercise requires the movement of your pectoral muscles which has a direct impact on improving your breast size.

6. Chest Press Extensions

By working your pectoral muscles located behind the breast muscles, chest press extensions will help in increasing your breast/cup size. This exercise requires a dumbbell or weighted cans that can be used in place of the dumbbells

7. Push-ups

One of the most common exercises practiced, push-ups are the most effective form of exercise for naturally increasing your breast size.

8. Reverse Dumbbell Fly

Slightly difficult in comparison to the other exercises, reverse dumbbell flys need practice. It can be especially difficult for beginners. Start slowly and practice regularly

9. Palm Presses

An effective exercise for increasing your breast size, palm presses are also called a dynamic-tension push. These are said to be effective for increasing your breast size

10. Chest Dips

This exercise has a direct impact on your chest, which in turn makes it beneficial for naturally increasing your breast size.