Facts To Know About Exercise Addiction

Extremes of anything can harm your body and mind. When any activity becomes compulsive behaviour, it means you are controlled by an obsession.You might have heard of overtraining syndrome in sports. In the same way, exercise addiction is injurious to health. An addict finds solace only in the activity that quenches the thirst of addiction; he or she may ignore all other activities and get hooked only to the addiction.Here are some facts to know about exercise addiction.

Facts to know about exercise addiction are:

1.Feeling Upset If You Miss Even A Single Workout? Exercise is a good way to beat depression. Lifting weights can release endorphins that make you feel good. But if you are addicted to exercise, missing on your workouts could irritate you. And when you fail to workout even for two days in a row, you may feel upset and depressed.

2.Pushing Limits Excessively? Another sign of exercise addiction is raising tolerance levels. The intensity of a workout that gave you pleasure till a few days back, no longer seems enough.You try to push your limits more and more to experience the same high which used to come previously with simple workouts.

3.Withdrawal Symptoms: Even exercise addiction has withdrawal symptoms. You might feel agitated, frustrated and upset during the days you skip the workout. Tension builds up and you tend to feel guilty for no reason.

4.Too Many Sets: Another sign is doing more than necessary. Suppose you planned for 3 sets of a particular exercise, you tend to do 7 or 8 sets till your body is no longer able to do. Though expanding your boundaries is good, stretching your limits too much is a sign of addiction.

5.Cravings: Just like a kid in a candy shop runs everywhere uncontrollably for the craving for sweets, an exercise addict overdoes everything and feels over excited in the gym.

6.No Interest In Social LIfe? Losing interest in everything else and getting obsessive about workouts is another sign of exercise addiction. Some people may cut their social life or even important relationships only to spend more time in the gym.

7.Over training: Not stopping even after injuries is another symptom of obsession for exercise. That's unhealthy. When any activity dominates your thoughts for the whole day, it might turn into an unhealthy addiction. So, draw the line somewhere if you have any of these symptoms.

These are the facts to know about exercise addiction.