Fat Free Foods To Have To Lose Weight

Do you have nightmares in which you see a bloated version of yourself?We all have that one friend who has more bones that any other tissue anywhere in their body but they still avoid various kinds of food to remain thin (read: starved).Jokes apart, obesity is indeed a bane of modern lifestyle. World Health Organization has already declared obesity an epidemic of the modern times keeping in mind the sheer number of people who are obese.Therefore, it is a very healthy habit to be fat conscious and keeping a check on one's daily fat and calorie intake.Here are some fat free foods to have to lose weight.

Fat free foods to have to lose weight are:

1.Beans: Beans are not just superfoods, which are rich in protein, nutrients like iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium and dietary fibres but also low in fat. Beans are easily available in the market in many forms (fresh, frozen or dry). These have extra add on health benefits like they reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases.

2.Green Tea: The greener cousin of the authentic tea has taken the health world by storm with its long list of benefits. Loaded with powerful antioxidants like EGCG, flavonoids and catechins, it boosts up metabolism. A study has reported of an increase in fat oxidation by 17% after a regular intake of green tea. So if you want a slim waist, now you know what to add to your daily routine.

3.Skimmed Milk: Skimmed milk is just non-fat milk from which the cream is removed. It carries all the goodness of milk apart from fat. Just switch from your normal milk to a skimmed one and cut your calorie intake without changing your regular diet.

4.Spinach: A superfood which is loaded with antioxidants like flavonoids and carotenoids, minerals like magnesium, zinc and selenium, vitamins C and E and last but not the least, plenty and plenty of dietary fibres. It satisfies all the daily requirements of vitamins and minerals in the body, boosts up metabolism and is easily available everywhere. The best part being, plenty of amazing recipes can be made out of it to satisfy taste buds without watching weight and calories.

5.Apple: An apple comes with plenty of minerals, fibre and water with just 95 calories. Replace your packaged snacks with an apple and open the doors to a healthy living.

6.Orange: This is another low-calorie snack (62 calories per fruit), rich in vitamin C that boosts the metabolism. It provides a good dose of dietary fibre and antioxidants that ward off the abdominal fat.

7.Yoghurt With No Added Flavour: This is a high-protein food with an abundant supply of vitamins and healthy gut bacteria. Calcium present in yoghurt signals and controls cortisol levels produced by fat cells. A cup of yoghurt a day and a flat belly is on the way ! It is always advisable to take yoghurt with no added flavour to make it chemical free.

These are the fat free foods to have to lose weight.