Fitness Tips for Achieving Your Goals

The resolutions that we make for every new year or every birthday or every time we fall sick somehow gets diluted and falls through over the course of days or months. We complain later on about our lack of commitment and motivation to achieve our goals. Instead of complaining over something we haven’t done we should go about sticking to our fitness plans. Here are some tips for achieving your fitness goals.

1.Maintain a plan

It is easy to make a plan, what is difficult however is sticking to the plan and maintain a schedule that goes according to the plan. If you had planned to work out for half an hour every morning, you should try and stick to it. Instead of reducing the time, you should try and increase the time you spend exercising to stay fit. It is important that you show as much enthusiasm staying on track as you showed drawing up a plan.

2.Have a personal trainer

Having a personal trainer makes staying on track easier. He or she does for us what we cannot do and motivates us and pushes us to stay fit. But not everyone can have a personal trainer. In such cases, the best bet would be to appoint someone from the family or a friend as your personal coach and leave it up to them to make sure you stick to your exercise regimen.

3.Encourage yourself with timely gifts

If you have set a goal to lose a few pounds in a few months and you have succeeded in achieving the desired weight loss, you should gift yourself something, so you would be tempted to stay on track. You would do better and stay on your desired weight or try and lose some more.

4. Convince yourself that it is for your own good

Although we all know that staying fit is for our own good and that we ultimately do it for no one else but ourselves, we hardly follow it. It is important that you tell yourself every morning that you need to do certain things to stay fit and healthy. Also you need to convince yourself that a few years from now, your body will thank you for having taken care of it. An older you will not curse your younger self for having let go.

5.Learn to love your body more

Being narcissistic helps in such cases. Only when you love your body and admire the way it looks and moves will you do more to help it stay that way. Become your number one admirer and you will notice that you stick to your fitness plan and achieve your goals.