Yoga Breathing Exercises You Must Include in Your Routine

Breathing lies at the center of human existence, therefore it forms the core of any yogic practice. Breathing facilitates oxygen supply to the brain as well as to rest of the body.

Pranayam benefits

The benefits of practicing pranayam can be many. Apart from rendering vitality to the body, it also enhances the quality of prana and makes you feel more uplifted, motivated, positive and happier. Yoga is essentially a practice that aims at cleansing, balancing, fixing, strengthening and challenging the body both from within as well as on the outside. 

Yoga breathing techniques

The typical yogic breathing technique is popularly known as the Ujjayi breathing wherein you take a long breath first filling up your stomach and then the chest. While you inhale, the stomach is the first to go in followed by the chest. This facilitates maximum oxygen retention by the body.

Yogic breathing while getting into postures

Yogic practice is futile and fruitless if you don't breathe correctly while getting in and out of the posture. Always remember, if you're in middle of practicing a posture, you must inhale once you get in the center position and exhale when the body moves away from the center position.