Great Fruits for Weight Loss Fast


1. Apricots

Dried or fresh, apricots are loaded with nature’s goodness for health. Since they are filled with fiber content, weight reduction is enabled to a large extent. Fiber is also responsible for making you feel fuller and satiated for a long time. Good digestion is enabled since the presence of hydrochloric acid breaks down proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Fiber in apricots eliminates cholesterol thereby minimizing chances of blocking arteries. Overindulgence in eating is curbed to a large extent that way.Apricots are rich in fiber, iron, sugar and beta carotene. 

2. Citrus fruits

A great Vitamin C booster, citrus fruits work very well when your objective is to lose weight. Vitamins C battles against fat and therefore citrus fruits such as lemons, grapefruits and oranges will feature in every diet chart. The presence of Vitamin C brings down fat levels by mobilizing and dispersing it from your body.

3. Melons

Melons are those fruits that are high in water content and lowest in density. Although they contain sugar, they are still the lowest in calories and therefore an ideal choice to be consumed as is or in the form of juices and smoothies.

4. Blackberries

These berries are lower in calories than many other fruits. Their sugar content is lower than strawberries as well and magnesium is at its highest. 170gm of blackberries contain only 73 calories. Besides making you full, they are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that are required for optimal functioning of your body.

5. Lemons

It is true that these fruits are sour. Although, they come under the category of citrus fruits; they deserve a special mention because of their exceptional ability in fighting against fat deposits in your body. If you can eat lemons for lunch, do so. Besides the role of burning fat, lemons and limes increase body metabolism to a considerable extent.