Health Problems That May Cause By Extreme Dieting

When people make a stern decision to lose weight and fat, they could go to any extent. In the process of extreme dieting they lose the valuable nutrients which the body actually requires. This in turn leads to several health problems too in the long run. Here is a video which tells you about the health problems that are common among those who go on extreme dieting and cut on the needed calories for the body.There are several diet tips and exercises which might be followed in order to lose weight and shed the extra fat that you might have accumulated in your body. You might have got several suggestions and tips from your friends. Following those, you might have lost weight incredibly.All these might have given you satisfaction and made you happy for a short period of time. Also you might not realize initially, but in the long run this might have an adverse effect on your health. Hence, having the right food containing all the essential nutrients like vitamins, proteins, minerals, calcium and carbohydrates is highly important even though you are on diet.

1.Fatigue and Mood Change: In the name of dieting, you tend to cut down on calories that the body requires for generating energy. This often makes one fatigued, irritable and craving for food. As a result of the low calorie diet it leads to lack of energy and mood changes.

2.Slowed Metabolism: When the intake of calorie goes down the body will have a deficit of calories and also the energy level drops. This will lead to the slowing down of metabolism level and give rise to several health issues.

3.Affects Digestion: Proper digestion requires sufficient fibre and water which the body obtains from a variety of foods like fruits, vegetables and grains. So when you restrict calories and these food groups, it will lead to slowing of digestion. This results in constipation and bloating as well.

4.Affects Gallbladder Functioning: When the calorie intake is decreased and also the cholesterol level, it adversely affects the functioning of the gallbladder and this will also lead to the formation of gall stones.

5.Nutritional Deficiencies: In the process of cutting down on body fat, there is always a tendency to cut down on carbohydrates and other types of fat that can lead to serious nutritional deficiencies leading to fatigue and affecting the normal functioning of the body.

These are the health problems that may caused by extreme dieting.