Healthy Practices You Should Follow in your life

1. Eat natural supplements

Why get expensive multivitamins and protein packs from the pharmacy when you have tons of healthy supplements available in natural foods? Make it a habit to eat a few almonds, walnuts, figs and dates everyday to get a natural supply of iron in your body. Iron plays an important role in the formation of hemoglobin and increases our immunity. Nuts are a rich and delicious source of iron.

2. Exercise regularly

Every nutritionist, doctor, magazine, health expert and fitness instructor in the world recommends regular exercise but some of us pay no heed to it. Exercise plays an important role in keeping the body fit. Hence, it is essential to have a daily exercise routine. There are various forms of exercises like yoga which promise a healthy body and a stable mind. What’s more, you can also join a gym or simply climb stairways up and down. Our body is like a machine which needs regular oiling in the form of exercise, otherwise it will start rusting. 

3. Guzzle fluids

You must guzzle 8 glasses of water in a day, in addition to various fluids like juices and milkshakes. Innovate with milkshakes, lemonade, coolers and mocktails. Keep yourself well hydrated before and after exercise. Even in winter, when you don’t tend to feel thirsty, drink liquids such as tea. A constant supply of fluids in your body will ensure that your body never lacks energy and it is always free of toxins.

4. Eat fresh produce

The first rule of staying healthy is to completely abstain from tinned and frozen foods on a regular basis as they contain extra preservatives and emulsifiers. Follow the cycle of nature. Eat fruits and vegetables according to their season so that they are best in taste and nutrition. If you don’t have good access to organic produce, make sure you buy fresh vegetables from the farmers’ market instead of grocery giants. Keep a mix of white flour, wheat and rice in your diet.

5. Eat lots of fruit

When people feel hungry during the evening, they tend to relish on junk food which is totally unhealthy. Instead of grabbing a packet of nachos, cut some fruits and mix the pieces in a bowl. Add some yogurt and honey for flavor. This will keep you satiated for at least three to four hours. Make it a habit to substitute junk meals with a portion of fruit whenhunger strikes mid-day or in the evening.

6. Have timely meals

Many people often undermine the importance of timely meals. They skip meals and often binge at the wrong hours.Well, the fact is having timely meals can reduce the chances of health problems that arise out of a sedentary lifestyle by almost fifty percent. Hence, start your day with a heavy breakfast so that your body can produce energy for the whole day. Have a light salad or sandwich during lunch, follow it with a fruit snack or an energy drink and have a light dinner. 

7. Go for regular Medical Checkups

Medical checkups are, indeed, getting more and more expensive by the day. But getting one in two or three years isn’t a big deal. Having a regular health check-up can keep you alarmed about excess insulin, high or low blood pressure or excess cholesterol in the body. If you are prone to any disease, you can always consult a doctor for advice. 

8. Drink lukewarm water

Although this practice gives many people a nauseous feeling in the beginning, it is only a matter of time that the body will get used to it and you will be at ease. Have a glass of lukewarm water with a tint of honey, for flavor, right in the morning. 

9. Think positively

Apart from physical fitness, mental fitness also plays a pivotal role in fostering good health. For a healthy mind, practice meditation and deep breathing techniques. A stable mind will ensure that everything else is in place.