How Drinking Alcohol Affects Muscle Gains

Drinking too much can spoil your muscle building plans drastically. Alcohol is a chemical that interferes with many chemical processes in the body. It affects you in many ways and if you are a fitness freak or a health conscious individual, alcohol is your worst enemy.Here are some ways that drinking alcohol affects muscle gains.

Ways that drinking alcohol affects muscle gains are:

1.Alcohol And Protein Synthesis: Alcohol can slow down protein synthesis. If you drink too much of alcohol, the protein synthesis in your body may get affected and this may keep your muscles deprived.

2.Dehydration Is Bad For Your Muscles: In the process of breaking down alcohol, your body gets dehydrated fast. Your muscles need water and dehydration could affect them. Actually, muscles are nearly 70% water.

3.Alcohol And Testosterone: Excessive alcohol consumption may also hit your T levels. Muscle building needs testosterone and if the free flowing T levels in your body dip, muscle gains could take a hit.

4.It Causes Fat Gains: Alcohol can result in fat accumulation. If you are interested in keeping your muscles in shape, fat accumulation could spoil your plans.

5.Alcohol Robs Nutrients: Alcohol tends to drain certain vitamins and minerals. Phosphorous, zinc, calcium and vitamins B, C and A can get drained from your body if you drink too much. Your muscles need many nutrients and alcohol deprives your body of nutrients.

6.It Could Make You Lazy: After a night of drinking, you tend to wake up with a cloudy mind and a lazy body. That will make you skip your workout. This is one way alcohol indirectly hits your muscle gains. It keeps you away from the gym.

These are the ways that drinking alcohol affects muscle gains.