How To Lose Your Weight In The Buddha Way

Have you ever wondered what was the ancient art of losing weight? Well, we have found out some really interesting methods followed by the legendary Gautama Buddha, and this method is also known as 'The Buddha Diet'.If you have been wondering how the people during the ancient times kept themselves fit, then the answer is right here in this article. Here we present you with a set of methods to lose weight effectively.The main aspect of the Buddha diet is time-restricted dieting. The idea is quiet simple. You will no longer have a problem of what you eat and how much you consume. It solely depends on when you eat.

A research has shown that time-restricted diet turned out to be the most effective method for weight loss. You will have to limit your eating cycle to 13 hours a day, then reduce it to 12 hours a day. Finally, you will have to reach the 9-hour schedule.Which means you'll have to eat breakfast at 9 Am and then have dinner no later than 6-7 PM.Here are some ways to lose your weight in the buddha way.

1.Weigh Yourself: Track your weight by weighing yourself every day and accordingly take care of your diet and health. You'll need to make a note of what is working and what is not for you.

2.Eat Like A Pro: We bet that this is the best part of the Buddha diet. There are no hard limitations or restrictions on the kinds of food you eat. But it is better to keep a tab on whatever you eat to know which is good or bad for you.

3.Treat Yourself: Treating yourself with your favourite food item from time to time will allow your body to get used to your shift in your eating pattern and also boost your metabolism.

4.Exercise: Exercising will help burn the calories. As per a research, it was found that exercising on an empty stomach will burn 25% more calories than doing it on an empty stomach.

5.Eat Mindfully: If you have a feeling of fullness in the stomach, then immediately stop eating. It is always better to resist that urge, no matter how tasty the food is. Whatever extra that you eat after being full is for sure not going to help you in any way.

6.Food As Medicine: Well, this is all in the mind. As per the Buddha diet, it states that if you consider food as a medicine for the soul, then you'll no longer overeat and will consume only whatever is required.

7.Focus On Your Food: No, this is not about what food you eat, it is more of a mind game. You'll have to pay attention to the time at which you're eating and be aware of the fact whether you're really hungry or not. Cutting down on foods when you're not hungry will prove to be good.

These are the ways to lose your weight in the Buddha way.