How to Start Working Out For The First Time

Losing weight and staying healthy is more than a fashion imperative. With diabetes and heart diseases on the rise due to unhealthy lifestyle choices, it's very important to stay fit and fine these days. Nevertheless, exercising daily is not an easy habit to build.Here are some ways to start working out for the first time.

Ways to start working out for the first time are:

1.Invest in a Good Pair of Shoes: Having a good pair of athletic shoes is very important before you start working out. This is because shoes without good shock-absorption almost always lead to muscle strain, injury, and twisted ankles. So make sure you buy a good pair. In fact, if you want my recommendation, pick up a pair of Nike shoes. Not only are they light and airy, but they also helped relieve the severe muscle pain in my thighs within 3 days of switching shoes.

2.Buy Comfortable Workout Clothes: When it comes to workout clothes, the rule of the thumb is functionality over esthetics. But don't worry. These days gym wear are usually produced to tick both boxes. Just remember: The sweat-wicking ones are better since they prevent fungal infections. And if you are a woman, please buy a good sports bra. Without proper support, you will end up with a lot of back pain. Plus, your breasts will keep bouncing up and down while you work out if you wear regular bras.

3.Start With Just 2 Workouts Every Week: You may be thinking, what's the point of that? But the whole concept is to get you used to working out since it's your first time. So pick two days in a week (according to your convenience), and workout religiously for at least half-an-hour on those days. You can increase it to 3 days (and then 4) as the will to workout more develops in you over time.

4.The Right Time is Your Time: Everyone is different. So don't worry if you are not a morning person. You don't have to wake up at 5 A.M to work out. Just pick the time of the day you are most comfortable with and stick to that. But make sure you don't choose a time when you are usually tired. This will work against you and make you want to skip exercising.

5.Have a Workout Buddy: Having a friend workout with you is a great way to adhere to your routine as both of you remain accountable to each other. And if you don't have a workout buddy, ask a friend to be your accountability buddy who makes sure you follow through on your workout plans.

6.Experiment With Different Types of Exercises and Then Choose Your Favorite: It's easier to stick to something you love doing rather than doing something you don't. So if you are just starting out, try experimenting with different workout types, like Zumba, kickboxing, yoga, and gymming, until you discover the one you love doing. Then stick to that.

7.Buy Some Basic Home Equipment: There will be days when you won't be able to exercise outdoors. Or maybe the gym is too far away from your house and you don't want to travel the distance. For those days, it's always better to have a set of gym equipment at home so you can workout with simple routines.What will you need? Two sets of dumbbells - one lightweight, and one slightly heavier. A skipping rope. A workout mat - to help you do crunches and sit-ups without discomfort.

8.Focus on Your Journey Not Anyone Else’s: You will reap the rewards of only the work you do. So stop comparing yourself with others. Know your fitness goals, and accomplish it at your own pace. Remember the saying - slow and steady wins the race.

These are the ways to start workout for the first time.