If you can do these exercises, you are a fitness PRO

One arm handstand

We all know it is not easy to perform a handstand and when you have to balance the weight of your entire body on one hand, it is even more difficult. Even professionals take a lot of time to master this exercise. Your core and upper body need to be super strong to do one hand handstand correctly.

Prisoner get-ups

Prisoner get-up activates all the muscles of your body and is an excellent exercise to get in shape. This exercise is very demanding, as a result most people get tired after performing 4-5 repetitions. If you want to enhance your balance and agility then pick this exercise.

Body saw

If you are tired of doing crunches and plank to tone your abs then try body saw. You have to get into plank pose and move your body backwards and forwards. The movement stretches the abdominal muscles to a greater extent. To make it more challenging, add a stability ball.

One arm pull-up

One arm pull-up, as the name suggests, is extremely difficult. One trick that might help you to master this exercise is patience. It might even take years for a person to get the form correct. You need to build upper body strength and strengthen your core muscles before attempting this exercise.

Pistol squat get up

Another move that relies heavily on core strength is a pistol squat get up. You have to lower your body in a squat position, keeping one leg off the floor. Again you have to come up in the same way to complete one repetition. Pistol squat is one of the toughest unweighted squat exercises, which tests your strength, stability and mobility to an extreme level.

Press to handstand

This is another exercise that can take years to master. Your upper body strength, coordination, and balance needs to be up to the mark to attempt this exercise. Before trying this exercise, it is best to perfect your handstand first.