Know The Hidden Reason Behind Belly Fat

You may ask yourself what's the real culprit behind your belly fat. If your diet is normal and your exercise routines are regular, that's enough to get rid of fat, right? No, there could be other hidden reasons behind your belly fat. So, are you trying to blame your genetics for that?Here are some hidden reasons behind belly fat to know.

1.Your Body Type: Knowing your body type and eating what suits your body type may help a lot in maintaining a healthy body. But most of us seldom eat according to the body type.

2.Exercise For Your Body Type: Some exercises favour fat burning better than others depending upon your body type. But if you blindly choose any random exercise, you may not reach your fat burning goals fast.

3.No Sleep: Inadequate sleep could also slow down fat burning mechanism. Your body deals with fat better when your sleep patterns are healthy.

4.Cortisol: Your stress levels increase cortisol levels in your body. They could inhibit your capacity to burn fat efficiently.

5.Insufficient Potassium: Insufficient levels of potassium in your diet could also be one reason as potassium can slow down storage of fat.

6.Excess Protein: Too much of protein consumption or consuming bad quality protein could also cause fat accumulation.

7.Heavily Processed Foods: Foods which are processed, refined, roasted or pasteurised may also contribute to your belly fat without your knowledge.

8.Over Training: Over training could also work counter productive as fat burning occurs more during the rest periods. Simply lifting weights all the time may not help.

These are the hidden reasons behind belly fat to know.