Know The Tips To Avoid Hyper Snacking In Movies

Overeating tends to happen when you are unaware of how much you are eating. Overeating is more about the portion size and lack of awareness at that moment.Overeating could occur in parties, dining with friends, dining out of boredom, eating while watching TV or munching something when you are watching a cricket match. And one of the most common places where we tend to overeat is the movie theater. Firstly, you tend to be in a mood to enjoy the movie while satisfying your taste buds and secondly, they sell all kinds of fast foods from popcorn to burgers at the multiplex.If you don't take certain steps, you tend to gobble lots of junk and this will give you a tough time when you try to burn those extra calories. Here are some tips for you.

1.Eat And Go: This is the best step. Eat a proper meal at home to your heart's content and then go for the movie. This could keep your cravings under control while you are watching the movie.

2.Choose Pop Corn Instead Of Pastry Or Candy: If you still want to munch something, choose a snack that has lowest calories and no sugar in it. Though both popcorn and pastry are equally bad as snacks, choose pop corn without the salt and butter over a pastry that is loaded with cream and sugar.

3.Avoid Soft Drinks: You don't need a soft drink to push pop corn into your throat. So, avoid buying a soft drink along with a snack. Drinks are just empty calories and harmful chemicals.

4.Share Food: If you are with your friends and family members, share the snack so that you will end up eating less food. You can deal with those extra calories later.

5.Carry Your Snack: The best way to avoid unhealthy eating is by carrying a home-made healthy snack along with you. But wait, most of the movie theaters don't allow such things.

6.Enjoy The Movie, Not The Snack: Remember this: you go to a movie to enjoy the film but not to enjoy a snack in the theater. If your motive is clear, you will eat less and watch more on the screen.

These are the tips to avoid hyper snacking in movies.