Know These Bad Habits That Keep You From Running

You all know that exercise is beneficial for health, brain and weight loss. It's very hard to fit in exercise into your schedule at times, with the endless amount of work and unfinished tasks that you have.If you try to still fit it into your daily routine, there might arise a set of other hurdles or obstacles that can be unavoidable. There are certain habits that can put your running off the track.The best you can do to run without any hindrance is to avoid this set of bad habits in order to have an uninterrupted exercise schedule.Here are some habits that keep you from running.

1.You Don't Eat Until Morning: If you want to get into a workout routine, then skipping meals is a big no-no. Researches have found that overweight people who ate breakfast were more likely to exercise and burn calories than people who fasted.

2.You Tweet The Night Away: The time spent on surfing through social media, sharing and uploading pictures and reading some depressing articles will actually rob off the time you can utilise for wearing your sneakers and going for a jog.

3.You Don't Live To Work, But Work To Live: If you work too late and carry your mental stress out the door, you're likely to end up not exercising and put on weight. This is one of the things that runners should avoid.

4.You Don't Have A Bedtime Routine: If you're held up doing something late until the night, you won't feel restored and refreshed the next morning. Poor sleep wreaks havoc on the mind and body, and it reduces your motivation to exercise.

5.You Think Cleaning Is Exercise: Cleaning does not meet the standard for physical activity and hence this cannot be considered as a replacement for exercise. Cleaning can never to equivalent to running as a form of exercise.

6.You Don't Take Breaks: Sitting is the new smoking and is definitely a bad habit that keeps you from running. The longer you sit, the less you are likely to do do any physical activity. This is one of the bad habits to avoid before running.

7.You're A Social Butterfly: It's okay to have a vibrant social life. But partying out almost every day and eating out reduces your chance to have a physical workout. Further, you'll consume too much junk food during such get-togethers, which can ultimately keep you off from running.

8.You Don't Understand The Value Of Exercise: Exercising is not only going to make you physically fit and healthy, but it also increases your ability to withstand pain. Exercising every day for just 30 minutes or so is going to make you tolerant of pain on a long-term basis.

These are the bad habits that keep you from running.