Know These High Protein Diet That Helps To Build Muscles

If you know the importance of building strong muscles, then you must also know that one of the important factors in doing so is incorporating protein-rich foods in your diet.  Workouts also help to an extent in the development of strong muscles; but in this process, some of the muscle fibres might get damaged.The body then gets into the repair process, which leads to the development of new muscle fibres. But this requires plenty of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.Here are some protein diet that helps to build muscles.

High protein diet that helps to build muscles are:

1.Eggs: Even one who is a novice in culinary skills can make a wholesome breakfast with eggs. The nutritional value of protein in this food is very impressive. A single egg can contain 5 to 6 grams of protein, which makes it a high-protein rich diet food. Also, the protein content in eggs is readily utilizable in muscular growth, thus making it a much sought-after food.

2.Meat: Meat is also an excellent source of this essential nutrient. As human and animal tissues have almost similar components, meat very easily replenishes this most important building block of life. Valine and histidine being the essential amino acids are particularly found in pork and beef whose important function is in building muscles. For your information, essential amino acids are the most important component of proteins which our human body can never manufacture. So, incorporating this protein rich meat in our diet is the easiest way out to building strong and healthy muscles.

3.Fish: Our body needs daily replenishment of protein, as the excess of it in our body is not stored but discarded after utilizing this necessary and important nutrient to its fullest. So consuming protein-rich food on a daily basis is a must for the proper functioning of our body, especially for the growth and repair of the muscles in our body. Here, fish scores over the other protein-rich foods. Let us see how! Though fish and meat contribute equally in terms of protein, fish has the advantage of not contributing fat to our body, which makes it very safe to consume.

4.Nuts: Though nuts can be a welcome addition to our protein-rich diet, care should be taken not to consume those which have too much of unhealthy fats, i.e., saturated fats that are not very heart friendly. Some of the nuts, which are low in saturated fat but high in protein are black walnuts and almonds. Each ounce of black walnuts contains 7 grams of protein, while almonds proudly boast of 6 grams.

5.Black Beans: Black beans can be another healthy diet food, which proudly contributes 15 grams of protein for a single cup serving to our system. This is nothing but a whopping 30% of our WHO Foods recommended protein intake.

6.Flax Seeds: One ounce serving of flax seeds is packed with 6 grams of protein, which is a very appreciable amount. It ensures all the necessary activities required for muscle growth. So, do not forget to include these healthy seeds in your food to boast of your muscle growth.

7.Low-fat Milk: It is a very common fact that milk is protein enriched. Milk contains 80% of casein, a fast-digesting protein, and 20% of whey, a slow-digesting protein which is a very important contributor to muscle growth.

These are the high protein diet that helps to build muscles.