Know These Myths About Rapid Weight Loss

Are you pretty serious about shedding some of that stubborn fat overnight.This might be a bit too much for you to believe, but shedding pounds overnight is not a possible task. Of course, weight loss pattern varies between different people.Some people lose weight faster than others, some might slim down while they are asleep.But you must understand that weight loss requires making some smart choices in your lifestyle and dietary habits.There are several myths when it comes to weight loss and it's high time you stopped believing in them.There are several presumptions that lack scientific evidence and hence it is considered absurd to actually believe in them.Here are some myths about rapid weight loss to know.

Myths about rapid weight loss are:

1.Weight Loss Always Means Fat Loss: Losing weight overnight need not necessarily mean fat loss, but can also be water weight. This weight refers to the extra weight that is hanging around the tissues, joints and body cavities between cells. This is not linked to the calories consumed or lost.

2.You Can Target Specific Areas: If you want to specifically lose fat from the thighs alone, then you must know that you actually cannot do that. You can lose weight overall by eating right and exercising; but you cannot decide from where you'll be losing weight.

3.Juice Cleanse Helps With Weight Loss: This is known to be one of the best ways to lose weight quickly coupled with detox methods. You might have a loss of calories; but you're actually taking in a lot of added sugars. This can cause a spike in blood sugar level and also lead to weight gain. This is one of the common weight loss myths busted.

4.Cut Calories Drastically To Lose Weight: Going for a low-calorie crash diet is not going to help you out in any way. This is termed as under-fueling, which means your body gets less amount of nutrients than what it must get. This will deprive the body of several nutrients and can also end up giving the opposite result of weight loss. This is one of the top myths about weight loss.

5.Ditching Carbs Will Help You Lose Weight Fast: Avoiding carbs altogether is not at all recommended. By doing so you're missing out on important fibre and this actually leads to weight gain.

6.You Can Exercise To Lose Pounds: Overexercising is of no use and there is no way you're going to lose weight due to this. Exercise can help boost weight loss and the only best option to shed fat is through diet. Of course working out has several health benefits and you just need to avoid overdoing it.

7.Sweating It Out By Other Means: Some people believe sitting in steam rooms or saunas will actually help reduce weight. But you must again understand that you're only losing water weight and you'll again gain this back when you have a salty meal.

8.You'll See Fast Results: Different people have different kinds of body systems and hence weight loss also differs between people. You need to again keep checking your weight scale, dietary choices and other factors in this regard.

9.You'll Gain It All Back: When you lose a few pounds due to water weight, then it is likely to come back again. But fat loss will not be gained back as fast as you lost it. Weight loss is different for different people. Some people can remain consistent in their weight loss by making small tweaks and also keep off it.

10.It's Better To Lose Weight Slowly: This isn't necessarily true. Some people can lose weight in superfast speed, while some others take a long time to lose weight. Everything depends on maintaining your body weight and following whatever that you were practicing for effective weight loss.

11.Diet Pills And Surgery Are The Only Options: Dangerous diet pills and surgeries are known to be quick-fixes and can be two of the worst options that you can actually go for. These can turn out to be ineffective as well and come with various side effects to the body. These can also be harmful for the body.

12.It's Possible For All: If you and your mate are into this weight loss goal together, then you must not get worried if your friend is losing more weight than you are. Everybody is different and different people have varying metabolism rates.

These are the myths about rapid weight loss to know.