Know These Natural Appetite Suppressants

Cravings and appetite are two big reasons for excess calorie consumption. When you experience a temptation to eat something, it is hard to overcome that.You can suppress your appetite by eating certain foods. Yes, some foods have the capacity to keep your eating temptations low. Generally, cravings in your body are created by certain chemical compounds. When they are handled with, you will naturally feel like eating less.Instead of trying pills that suppress appetite, try some natural foods which do a better job minus any side effects.

1.Avocados: The fibre and fat content can keep your carvings under control. But don't overeat avocados.

2.Salmon: Salmon contains omega 3 fatty acids which are said to influence your appetite.

3.Almonds: They keep you full and they also contribute vitamin E and magnesium. Grab a handful of nuts as your snack.

4.Sweet Potato: The starch content in sweet potatoes can make you feel full. They can also contribute vitamin C and A. 

5.Flaxseeds: Even flax seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids which help keep your appetite in healthy levels.

6.Apple: The fibre and pectin content in apples do a good job in keep your appetite in a healthy level.

7.Greek Yogurt: Even Greek yogurt can control your appetite when consumed as a snack.

These are the natural appetitie suppressants to know.