Know These Reasons Why Crunches Aren't Enough

All of us love 6 pack abs. At least, having a flat stomach is what we dream of if we can't really afford a muscular midsection.That is why many people start taking crunches seriously and some of them do only crunches every day hoping that their mid section would soon transform into a muscular 6 pack.But things may not work like that. Doing crunches may not really be enough to get what you want. On the other hand, doing hundreds of crunches every day may hurt your back and neck. Here are some things to know about that.

1.Training abs alone won't burn the fat there. This is the first thing to know. Unless you get rid of the overall fat content of your body, your belly fat won't leave you.

2.Abs need rest. If you perform crunches daily, your abs may hurt and it may prove counter productive. Give them rest. Doing crunches only thrice a week is advisable if you really want results.

3.As flat stomach is a result of low body fat, first aim to work on getting rid of fat than on sculpting the abs.

4.Crunches surely strengthen and tone the muscles of your abs but that's not enough to burn fat. Only after the belly fat is gone, you will be able to see your ab muscles showing up.

5.Without cardio, you cannot achieve a flat midsection as cardio can accelerate your fat loss and help you get rid of the belly fat.

6.Once the belly fat is gone, sticking to crunches again is a bad idea. Try various other ab exercises along with crunches because sticking to only one type of exercise may work only certain muscles leaving other muscles disengaged.

7.Food plays an important role in the whole process. If you do crunches and keep eating fatty foods every day, it won't help. Therefore, work on your diet along with your exercise program for abs.

These are the reasons why crunches are not enough.