Know These Surprising Ways Your Workout Shoes Are Harming Your Health

Most of us are already aware that working out, or exercising, on a daily basis, is an extremely healthy habit. Working out regularly can help prevent many ailments and can also keep you fit. In fact, there are numerous research studies which have proved that following a healthy diet and exercise regime, everyday can keep a person healthy and it can also treat a lot of disorders, without medications!Exercising is known to treat the symptoms of certain conditions like obesity, diabetes, depression, arthritis, etc. Normally, while working out, there are some essential things that one must always have, such as, workout clothes, designed to absorb sweat better and also a pair of good sports shoes that can help you perform various exercises with ease, right? Your workout gear, including the clothes and shoes, must be of the right kind, however, many people do not take this part of their workout seriously.Here are some surprising ways that your workout shoes are harming your health.

1.Old Shoes: If your workout shoes are too old and worn-out, they can cause an abnormal shift of pressure in your legs, causing feet injuries and can also harm your skeletal tissues.

2.Wrong Shoes: A specific workout routine, requires a specific type of shoes. For example, a pair of running shoes should have more cushioning at the soles, so you cannot wear the same pair if you are doing zumba, as zumba would require a lighter pair of shoes. Wearing the wrong shoes can also cause injuries.

3.Over Use Of Shoes: Wearing your workout shoes, while you are not working out and using them too much, can wear them out quickly, consequently causing injuries.

4.Wrong Size: Shoes which are too tight or loose can increase the chances of toe damage, hammertoes, bunions and can even cause fracture in extreme cases.

5.Lack Of Support: It is very important to find workout shoes that comes with enough support for your heels, an apt amount of cushioning and also a shock absorption capacity to prevent injuries.

6.Wrong Way Of Tying The Lace: When you tie your shoe lace very loosely, it can disturb the alignment of your feet while working out, causing shin and ankle pain.

7.Narrow Shoes: If your shoes are too narrow and do not have enough space for your feet, they can squeeze your tendons and nerves, causing a condition, known as tendonitis.

These are the ways that your workout shoes harming your health.