Know This Simple Weekly Workout Plan

When you have a date or some special event in just a week, you would surely wonder how to look your best. Well, if you have the habit of working out regularly, then you don't need to worry. But if you haven't worked out in the recent past, then you can try the power-week workout which is quite simple but can give you a toned look.Of course, you cannot expect astonishing results in just a week's period. But you can enhance your fitness levels a bit by doing this weekly workout. Also, if you can embrace this workout and make it your daily habit, then you will obviously look fit all the time.

Day 1: After your warm up, perform 100 jumping jacks. After that do 50 calf raises and then take a walk.

Day 2: After your warm-up, perform 50 crunches and go for a jog for 15 minutes.

Day 3: After a warm up perform 50 squats, 25 calf raises and take a walk.

Day 4: After the warm up, do nothing but plank. Hold the position for 60 seconds and do 15 reps.

Day 5: Your body will be ready for push ups. Perform 50-100 push ups and relax.

Day 6: After your warm up, perform 75 lunges. Take a walk after that.

Day 7: After warming up, perform 50 chair dips, 50 pushups, 50 squats and 5 plank repetitions. By this time, your fitness levels will be okay.

This is the simple weekly workout plan.