Pool aquacises for fitness and fun

Water Relay

Each player must fill the mug with water, get on to the board and swim across the pool to dump the water into the bucket on the other side. He or she must then hand the mug to a team mate, to take over.First to fill the bucket is the winner.

Go on a Treasure Hunt

Make a list of `treasures' that are to be found in the pool such as coins, rings and other small, but sinkable items. Let two teams read the list and try and and find these. Coins are the hardest to find so the game is bound to provide hours of fun.

Pool Volleyball

The game follows the same rule as on land and uses a special net. It also needs pool depth as one needs movement to be able to jump and hit the ball. Use floating ropes to mark boundaries. Not only is this a calorie buster, but also needs controlled movements that helps tone your legs.

Find the Invisi-Bottle

Take a one-litre clear mineral water bottle with a blue or white cap. Fill it with water and let every one get into teams of two or three with their backs facing to the pool. Let someone toss the bottle in and when that happens the teams have to jump and find it.

Water Zorbing

Water zorbing in a large inflatable zorb can be quite thrilling. Imagine a roller coaster feel on the water, as you balance yourself The water ball is about two metres and lets a person walk or even do cartwheels inside. If there are multiple zorbers, you have fun colliding into someone. A strenuous activity, it's not advised for those with neck injuries.