How to end a Relationship

True love is hard to find. But when you’ve got it, it requires trust, care, understanding and faith.Relationship may be described as the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected. When we talk about it, it does not always have to be a romantic relationship. It may be a friendly, confused relationship with anyone. People get close to one another when they get love. A relation may sound joyful and easy-going but most of the people are unaware of how to keep up a relation. Sometimes it’s hard to understand other’s psyche and may lead to misconception. Walking away from a loved one is one of the hardest things.

Here are some techniques of how to end a relation:

Do not hurt:

This is one of the most important thing. Don’t be selfish. Where you think about your feelings and problems put yourself in your partner’s shoes as well. How he/she feels. Do not hurt them. Whenever you decided to breakup, don’t be straightforward because it may hurt their feelings.


Everyone needs some personal space. When two people are close to each other, they want to know more about one another, but sometimes too much of it may irritate and frustrate the person. Give your partner some space; take a break for some days. Analyze how you feel and how your partner feels.


If nothing between the two is working even after trying several times. Take some time out for yourself. Think about how you started, how you use to feel, and how are you feeling right now. Do you really want to end it? Does ending the relation will help you both? Decide what you want


Time heals everything. Do you fear that how long will it take to get over him/her? Or will it take forever? After you have decided to breakup, you should be satisfied with your decision. Give it sometime and eventually everything is going to be alright.

Be happy:

If breakup is a good idea for you and you have made your decision then be happy. Love yourself. Be yourself because everything else is taking. Do not recall old memories that make you sad. Pack and the gifts, photos and put them away or just tell yourself it’s for the sake of your happiness. Nobody is bad and nobody is perfect. Sometimes you cannot achieve everything at the same.


As mentioned earlier, telling someone directly may hurt them. Meet with your fellow. Discuss everything in detail with them, whether it’s a personal problem or may be long distance relationship. Try to listen to their problems as well.

Don’t be friends:

Most of the couples try to be friends after they break up or just before the breakup. It is not easy to not know a person you know. If you stay friends, then again you are going to assume and expect.

Let it go:

Letting go of someone is never easy. You have to get over it at some time of life. Try to know your priorities. Spend quality time with your friends and family. Laugh as much as you can. Keep yourself busy. Forgive and forget.