Salty Snacks That Help You To Lose Weight

Whenever you hear the word snacks and that too that which is salty, you think about something that might add to your weight. However, surprisingly, there are certain salty snacks that can on the contrary help you to lose weight. Today in this article we shall talk about certain snacks that are salty and yet help to lose weight.Here are some slaty snacks that help you to lose weight.

1.Black Olives: The first one is black olives. You can consume it as a snack. It also helps in losing weight as it has less than around 300 mg of sodium and is full of mono unsaturated fat that is good for the heart.

2.Cheese: The next one is cheese. It contains less than 400 mg of sodium. Be it ricotta cheese, cottage cheese or any other cheese, these are all healthy and will keep you full for a long period of time. Hence, you will not crave for anything else if you consume these.

3.Baked French Fries: Have you heard of baked French fries? We all know that French fries are full of fat and can increase your weight drastically if you consume them on a daily basis. However, if you have baked French fries, it will help you to decrease your weight. Cut some potatoes into wedges and add some olive oil and sea salt and toss them into the oven. Your baked French fries are ready.

4.Carrots & Yogurt Dip: Carrots and yogurt dip. This can serve up as a great snack. Add some sea salt to a bowl of yogurt and a pinch of each cumin powder and red chilli powder. Whisk the yogurt. Here, your dip is ready. You can dip carrots as well as cucumber and celery into this dip and munch away to glory. This will surely help you to lose weight.

5.Homemade Vegetable Chips: Homemade vegetable chips made from vegetables that have been tossed into the oven with a bit of sea salt and paprika are great for losing weight. This salty snack contains very low sodium and is great for losing weight. These do not contain the amount of salt that is there in packaged vegetable chips.

These are the salty snacks that help you to lose weight.