Strange Reason Is Why Your Exercise Is Not Helping You Lose Weight

If you have been following your exercise regime religiously for months now, along with a healthy diet, and yet, you cannot seem to lose any weight, then, it could cause a lot of disappointment, right?In fact, when it comes to weight loss, the lack of results is one of the main factors that lead people into giving up on the whole thing!Imagine, you put in so much time and effort on trying to get healthier and losing weight; you join the gym, you go to a dietitian and get a diet chart, you workout every day!

And when you do not see even a small amount of difference in your weight, even after months, it can be frustrating.In some cases, when people start working out, initially, they tend to lose weight and then the weight loss process suddenly stops, even if their working out regime remains the same.

Hitting The Plateau: Over the years, a lot of people, who work out on a regular basis, complain that they stop losing weight after a point.So, to investigate this issue, numerous research studies were conducted and it was found that there is a phenomenon called "hitting the plateau", that many people experience, which causes a sudden stop in the weight loss process, even though their diet and exercise regime remains the same.The reason why the phenomenon of "hitting the plateau" occurs is because the muscles and tissues of your body, get used to the same exercise routine and eventually stop responding to the exercise.Only when your body cells respond to a certain diet or exercise pattern, weight loss can happen, so when your cells stop responding, the weight loss process stops.

The Solution: So, when you start to experience the "hitting the plateau phenomenon", it is important to immediately change your exercise routine, after talking to your trainer, and get a regime that is different and more intense.When you do that, it can help you reach your weight loss goals successfully.