Superfoods To Try Instead Of Going For A Diet

If you want to burn fat, eat more! Yes, that's the catch. And that's why we've curated a list of fat-reducing superfoods for your aid. Take a look. Unlike what is commonly believed, eating less doesn't necessarily reduce fat, but consuming more nutrient-rich food does. Going on a diet means restricting the food, which eventually kills your metabolism. If you make your body suffer by making it starve, it will reduce your metabolic rate, so that the existing stores of energy are not used up. Moreover, if you continue to eat less, it will lead to burning of your muscle tissue and that will give the visceral fat which you are trying to remove, an advantage instead.

And more the visceral fat, which churns out hormones and inflammatory substances that affect the production of insulin, the more you are inviting troubles like diabetes. So, how to reduce fats with foods? Instead of getting stuck in the vicious cycle of diet and more fat, switch over to a food habit which burns your fat and also keeps you healthy. It's a simple, straight process. Stick to it.Here are some superfoods for that.

1.Avocados: These fruits contain unsaturated fats or good fats that counter the unhealthy fats. Have sliced avocados in sandwiches or baked lean meat or have a healthy avocado shake with skimmed milk.

2.Asparagus: This is a vegetable which offers us multi-advantages, including helping us shed some extra weight. It aids our body to flush out the toxins and stay fit. Steam it in a little olive oil and add some salt and spices to have it as an appetizer.

3.Peanut Butter: It contains good fats that help in shedding excess fat. Peanut butter can be taken as a smoothie prepared with skimmed milk or with whole wheat slice. You can also scoop out a spoonful and enjoy.

4.Broccoli: A top weight-losing food that can be taken on a regular basis as well is broccoli. It may be a boring vegetable to have; but if you are really looking to be slimmer, this nutrient-rich cruciferous vegetable is what you need. Have steamed broccoli pieces, but avoid deeply fried ones.

5.Spinach: This 'doctor vegetable' is also good in reducing weight. A spinach diet containing a whole lot of nutrients burns down the extra calories. The minerals in spinach stimulate metabolism and reduce weight. Spinach can be taken in a salad with a little olive oil, in soups or in dishes. Go for the organic variety.

6.Pear: Known as the 'poor man's apple', pears nevertheless have properties similar to apples. The fibre content of pears helps in filling up your appetite before taking a heavy meal and hence enables you to eat less and shed more. Inclusion of pears is a must in any diet regime. Have them raw, in salad, juice or even through slightly cooking them.

7.Green Apples: One of the healthiest fruits in the world, green apples have high antioxidant properties and very low calories and high fibre and potassium content. Have one apple a day.

8.Cucumbers: These zero-calorie vegetables are one of the healthiest in the world. They also have good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that make them rich ingredients for health.

9.Tomatoes: These fruits (yes, they are) help in reducing an outrageous amount of weight and also in maintaining it. Their low-calorie content provides great energy, while the fibre keeps one motivated. Have tomatoes in ways (avoid cream soup) that suit your health plan.

10.Egg Whites: There will be debates on whether to have egg yolks or not; but there is no doubt over the advantages of egg whites. They are nutritional, yet have low calories. 

11.Beans: A great source for low-carb diet regime, beans can control your blood sugar and keep you feeling energetic. Have them with meat, vegetables, soup or an oil-free stew.

12.Pulses: These high-fibre foods help you lose weight and fill your appetite. They have less calorie count and no fat or cholesterol. However, cook them properly before eating.

These are the superfoods to try instead of going for a diet.