Things That Nobody Talks About Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is the best form of exercise that exists on this planet. And yes, it is the most sought after workout as it sculpts you and transforms your whole figure. It just gives you power and self-esteem.But what nobody talks about is the danger involved in lifting weights. Yes, we all glamourised weight lifting and therefore, we try to lift heavy without knowing about certain safety measures.And on the other side, gym accidents have injured many and lifting mistakes have hurt many. It doesn't mean that you should stay away from lifting but taking precautions and knowing more about lifting could help.

1.Bone fractures and muscle sprains are very common in those who lift weights regularly. And if you are doing them without expert's supervision, you are inviting danger.

2.Also, some people drop weights while lifting which could cause serious damage. Your body parts would be literally crushed under those weights if such an accident occurs.

3.When you get addicted to weight lifting, you may sometimes push boundaries ambitiously and this will overload your muscles and cause terrible soreness. A bit of soreness indicates torn muscles waiting for growth but chronic soreness may indicate sever damage to the muscle fibres.

4.When you ignore proper form, your back may get terribly injured and this could cripple the body severely.

5.Those who over train may suffer insomnia, muscle pain, fatigue and mood swings. In fact, over training could also impact immunity levels.

6.If you don't consume enough protein to feed your muscles, they may never recover properly from the damage caused by lifting weights.

7.You need to consult your doctor before you lift weights. Also, you need to lift under the supervision of a trainer or an expert. And then, taking certain safety measures like wearing gloves and a belt to protect your back is necessary.

These are the things that nobody talks about weight lifting.