Tips For Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Delivery changes your body drastically. You might be wondering why you look very much pregnant even after your baby is out. Your body goes out of shape, which might leave some of you tense. But, remember not to rush. After delivery, a female body undergoes a lot of dramatic changes before reaching its normal state. It is very common to retain a few pounds immediately after delivery, but there are ways to get back your curvy figure by following a few tips.Here are some tips for losing weight after pregnancy.

Tips for losing weight after pregnancy are:

1.Breastfeeding cuts the extra calories: Thought of bottle feeding your baby? Step back and read ahead. Studies have proved that breastfeeding can help you get back those curves you flaunted before pregnancy. Breastfeeding process helps in burning about 400-500 calories a day and aids in quick weight loss. It is highly nutritious for the baby and of great help to the new mom.

2.Hydrate and hydrate: When you breastfeed, you will feel thirsty. Even otherwise you have to drink plenty of water to keep yourself refreshed. Water will also keep your skin young and flush toxins out of your body. Also, drinking water at regular intervals will help you stay back from all those fatty munchies. So hydrate yourself to stay fit and to avoid those extra calorie cravings that can bloat you up.

3.Postnatal exercise: One great idea to reduce weight is to join a postnatal exercise class. Get that flat abs back by doing some crunches or as recommended by your trainer. You can also improve your stamina and mood by doing simple exercises like walking or jogging. Cardiovascular exercises will increase your heart rate and will help burn your baby fat quickly. If you have undergone a cesarean section, check with your doctor for the right time to start a work out.

4.Eat a balanced meal: What you eat is very important after delivery, as it is one of the decisive factors for weight gain. Avoid fatty, spicy and high calorie food items. Load on fresh vegetables and fruits. Also include a balanced proportion of vitamins, proteins and minerals from foods. Eat lean meat, fish and low-fat milk products along with leafy greens.

5.Sleep tight for weight loss: It is true that with the baby waking up throughout the night, it is difficult to get good sleep for new moms. But, compensate it by taking enough rest during the day. If you don’t rest and you are sleep deprived for days together, it will be difficult for you to shed weight. When you are stressed out, the body releases cortisol along with other stress hormones that can trigger weight gain. So, rest properly in order to shed weight.

These are the tips for losing weight after pregnancy.