Tips to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

1. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Include a balanced portion of protein, carbs and fiber. A healthy breakfast will provide good energy to your body.

2. Drink two to three warm glasses of water early in the morning. Warm water helps to flush out unwanted toxins from the body.

3. Replace the sugar with other healthy options like honey or maple syrup. There are options in low cal sugar also.

4. Have six small meals a day. Small meals provide good energy to your body as compared to three big meals. Include fiber in the small meal option.

5. Eat when you feel like eating; do not wait for the hunger pangs. Do not starve yourself, as it can affect your health.

6. Replace the processed foods with whole grain foods. Options in fiber and whole grains would be ideal.

7. Do include a bowl of raw or boiled veggies in the diet plan. Raw veggies will provide the goodness of natural vitamins and minerals.

8. Replace the normal food products with organic options. Organic veggies and fruits are fortified with natural vitamins.

9. Limit your drink intake. Cut back on alcohol and fizzy drinks. Cut back on the caffeine intake. Have natural fruit juices to detoxify your body.

10. Have organic and herbal teas in your daily diet plan. Have green tea two times a day as it helps to purify your digestive system. Green tea has natural cleansing properties.

11. Go for a walk on a daily basis. A walk will help you to get fresh air. This will help to increase oxygen in the body.

12. Make exercise a daily part of your regime. Any physical exercise can keep you healthy and in shape.

13. Sleep for at least seven to eight hours. Lack of sleep can cause many problems in the body.

14. Do not work out if your stomach is empty. Do have a protein bar before your workout session.

15. Track your calorie intake with the calorie applications which are available on smart phones. A check on calories can help to keep your weight in control.

16. Eat fresh fruits and veggies. Do not eat stale food or food products, as they may harm your body.

17. Include lots of green veggies in your diet plan. Green veggies are rich in iron; it helps to promote blood health in the body.

18. Include some dairy products in your diet for regular calcium intake. The best source of calcium is yogurt.

19. Practice yoga and meditation. Yoga keeps you in shape and meditation helps to balance your mind.

20. Detox your body once in every fifteen days. Have a detox diet plan to cleanse your body. It helps to purify your internal body system.