Tips To Live Longer And Stay Stronger

The problems faced can be many. It can be financial. It can be emotional. It can be about relationships. But without doubt the foremost concern most people have and face are about their health. The health concern and the desire to prolong life in a healthy, strong manner has been the cause for a lot of industries to come to the fore too. The medical industry involves itself in a lot of research, the pharmaceutical giants too come up with newer more efficient medications and the fitness industry too has turned out to be the most fast growing industry in the world. 

1. Have a balanced diet

A balanced diet sounds very simple, but it is the most important thing that you should do in your life. A balanced diet not only keeps you healthy and strong but also keeps at bay many infections and makes your immune system strong. Less disease automatically translates to a stronger body.

2.Rest well

As much as it is important to eat the right things to keep your body in check, it is also important that you get adequate rest. Be it physical labor or mental; a job involving your bod or having to sit at a desk for long hours, it is important that you rest your body and mind. You can follow some relaxation techniques that your lifestyle and time would allow.

3.Keep stress at low levels

It is impossible and aiming for too much if you want to get rid of stress completely from your life. Stress not only comes from within, but mostly it is caused by external factors that we have no control over. It is important that we accept that we cannot change everything about us and others. Once we accept this, it is easy to stress less about things that irritate us.


The right exercise gives your body and bones not only strength, but also makes your immunity stronger. Stronger bone density and a good muscle mass ensure that you fall less and hurt less as you grow older. A combination of yoga, running, prescribed strenuous exercises or a simple walk for a few minutes every day can do so much in ensuring that you live a long, strong life.


If for some reason, you are not able to get the right food or enough exercise, you can go for supplements which more or less do the same job as food. You just have to realize that it is not food and has to be taken in moderation after consultation with your doctor.

6.Say not to drinking and smoking

Alcohol, tobacco and drugs are the easiest way you can mess up your whole body. The bad effects of these do not go away immediately once you decide to stop. It is better if you do not do it, but if you do, you should take it slow or try and slowly quit it altogether.