Water Sports to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Unless we are blessed with an amazing metabolism, most of us have to constantly keep up the fight with the flab. You might not be able to exercise on the land for various reasons. Some others just prefer to exercise in the water. Exercising in the water is good for you. You will not only put more effort into your regular exercise but you will also end up coming out of your exercise time looking and feeling fresh. It also involves the working out of a lot of muscles when you are under water and as an added benefit, regulates your breathing. If you are planning on losing some serious weight fast, here are some water sports that would help you.

1. Surfing

Surfing can be a very intensive sport as well as exercise. When it comes to surfing, you will have to paddle, ride and recover after you have stood on the board for a while. All the different needs to surf helps you work out your arms, your shoulders, legs and the core. It ends up being a full body exercise and a cardio workout. There is also the thrill of riding the waves once you have mastered the art of surfing.

2. Water skiing

Water skiing like surfing involves a lot of balancing and for a major portion of the sport, you will be in a semi squatting position. You will also have to clench your stomach. This is a great workout for your core muscles as well as your thighs. It not only burns you calories much faster but it also gives your legs the shape and keeps them strong and toned. With water skiing, your legs and to an extent, your arm will get a lot of exercise and look fabulous after a few days.

3. Water zumba

It is not technically a sport, but can you imagine the amount of calories you would burn when you do the same zumba movements under the water? You will spend only half as much time doing it in the water but you will get twice the result. Your body has to constantly fight the water pressure and this makes your muscles work that much harder. The fat too dissolves much faster with a water zumba exercise.

4. Swimming

Not just threading the water, but you need to look at swimming as a sport. If you can do it, you will need to try distance swimming and as many laps as possible. If you are just beginning to exercise and are not sure about your stamina levels, stick to the edge of the pool as you can rest on the edge or get out whenever you tire out. You need to build up the laps and the distance slowly so you don’t end up developing a cramp or drown in the pool.

5. Rowing

If it is just the upper body that you are concentrating on, then rowing is the best exercise. It helps you build muscles on your upper body and also keep you lean and strong. It requires a lot of stamina, so try and cover short distances in the beginning.