Ways That Your Oatmeal Is Making You Gain Weight

Oatmeal, as you already know, is known for its umpteen health benefits. It is known to provide you with protein, iron, fibre, etc., and gives your mornings a kick-start.Since it counts as a whole grain, it gives some heart healthy and longevity benefits. But this doesn't mean that oatmeal will not do any harm to you at all.It is quite easy to think that you'll never gain weight if your diet is made up of healthy foods. Oatmeal isn't free of calories and it is likely to cause weight gain, just like any other food.If you load up your bowl with calorie-rich extras, then the result is the same - weight gain. One cup of cooked oatmeal with water is known to have 165 calories.

In case you cook your oatmeal in milk, then you'll add 150 calories. If you put butter in it, then you'll add 100 calories. If you add brown sugar to it, you add 50 calories. If you further add a medium-sized banana to it, then you add another 105 calories.The entire bowl is packed with a whopping 550 calories.Here are some ways that your oatmeal is making you gain weight.

1.You're Serving Yourself Too Much: Yeah filling up yourself for breakfast is necessary. But eating too much of anything can leave you uncomfortably full and can lead to weight gain.

2.You're Picking Less Nutritious Toppings: Adding less nutritious toppings like chocolate cream and other unhealthy items can only make you gain weight rather than reduce it.

3.You're Overdoing The Toppings: Go easy on the amount of toppings that you add to the oatmeal. Oatmeal contains about 150 calories. So, you don't have to overdo with the toppings.

4.You Think You Have To Add Fat: If you're making your oatmeal with milk, then please stay away from nuts and avocados, as this will surpass your desired calorie count in fat alone. This is one of the ways in which your oatmeal is making you gain weight.

5.You Have Gone Instant: These instant oats can make you think they are very healthy. But they might be packed with way more sugar than you want. Further, the quick and easy process of making oats means less watercontent in the product and this won't make you feel full. This is how oatmeal contributes to weight gain.

6.You Have Not Checked On Your Sweet Tooth: Mixing your oatmeal with table sugar is not going to help you in anyway at all, except may be to satisfy your sugar cravings. Sugar is sugar and there is no denying the fact that it can do more harm to your body than good.

These are the ways that your oatmeal making you fat.