Ways to have a Great Post Baby Body

1.Give your body at least 12 weeks to recuperate

Giving yourself 12 weeks post pregnancy before getting into any kind of weight loss regime is important. Your body must return to pre-pregnancy hormone, water and blood levels. Any decision on drastic cutting down of calories or beginning an exercise routine must be done after that.

2.Indulge in basic exercises

There are some basic exercises like pelvic floor exercises you can and must do when you do manage to sit up and don’t feel sore. These are not just exercises to tone your pelvic muscles but also strengthen the lower abdominal regions after all the trauma it has been through during pregnancy as well as labor.

3.Eat the right foods

Many moms commit the mistake of cutting down on food. This is wrong. Instead, watch what you eat. Eating the right kind of foods can nourish you and your baby and also make sure you aren’t piling calories along the way. Include whole grains, vegetables, fruits and lean meat. They are good for every mommy.

4.Keep a tab on your portion size

When the little one was in your tummy, you might have had bigger portion sizes, more than the usual. Some women continue this even after the baby is out. Decrease portion size gradually and come back to your regular portions to ensure weight loss.

5.Go slow with your exercises

While basic exercises are good post birth, you can increase their intensity only after a minimum of 6 weeks post birth. Subject your body gradually to exercises and be doubly careful especially when you’ve had a c-section. Consult your doctor for individual specific exercise routine and timelines before you begin the regimen.

6.Don’t let celebrity stories sway you

Watching Gwyneth Paltrow strutting gracefully post pregnancy or J Lopez flaunting her post pregnancy yummy body can throw you off your guard. The diva in you may scream for attention but don’t let temptation get the better of you. Listen to your body signals and wait before you jump into the game.

7.Go for walks

Get that stroller out and step out with your baby. Stroller walks are good for the little one and its mother. Walking is one of the safest forms of exercise and can be done earlier than most other kinds of workout after pregnancy.

8.Eat smaller meals

Pregnancy or no pregnancy, eating multiple small meals is a better way to stay fit. As a new mommy, this practice will keep you satiated and also help you lose weight effectively. You will not go hungry when you set up a regular diet timetable and also keep watch on what you eat.

9.Acknowledge pregnancy

Every woman’s body goes through colossal hormonal, emotional and physical changes with every pregnancy. And you are no exception to that. Your body may not come back to its usual form again but healthy thinking and lifestyle can do a world of good to you and your baby. Acknowledge that the most beautiful baby in the world brings along with it some beautiful scars in you and that’s motherhood.