Ways to Know If Your Workout is Working or Not

1. You face mild soreness

The first couple of weeks at the gym will seem too hard to you with your body all sore, but even when you have been working out for some time and start exercising specific parts of your body, you will feel some amount of soreness in those muscles long after you have left the gym. No soreness implies inefficient workouts while high soreness and pain implies injury.

2.You feel good after your workout sessions

You should feel ebullient after your workout session, the reason being that the body has a surge in endorphins after training, the same hormones which are released during sex. On the other hand, if you are feeling depressed or anxious, you are not doing it right.

3.You sweat and grime

Now it doesn’t mean that you should be dripping in perspiration and look like you were being baked in an oven, but you will definitely sweat a bit if you were seriously working out. No wonder people don’t go jogging in their suits.

4.Mirror mirror on the wall

This is the easiest way to find out if your workout is really working on you, and this shouldn’t pose a problem for the ladies. Look at yourself and try to see any change. You can even take a picture when you are just starting out and then a couple of months later to see if there is any visible difference.

5.Tape and scales show you the result

Measure your waist, hips and whatever else you are interested in and look for any change. Check your BMI. Nothing is truer than real-time data and if that data doesn’t support your claim of working your butt off, then stop boasting and try to make amends.

6.You get positive feedback

Have many of your friends or acquaintances being wondering out loud how you have started to look so slim? Has your boyfriend complimented you on your new toned look? Just go with what the majority says, as a few of them may just have been flattering you.

7.Your fitness level has soared

Muscles are not the only thing you should care about. If your fitness level has soared since you started working out, then you are doing it right. But if you are exhausted most of the time, yourworkouts are apparently not going that well.

8.You enjoy your workouts

You should be enjoying your workout sessions. On the contrary, if your visits to the gym seem to be a torture to you, then it is time you started doing something different. Working out should be fun and not an ordeal.