Ways To To Turn Off Weight Gain Hormones

If you have thought that weight gain is everything about calories and working out, then you have missed a crucial point. Even hormones play a role in weight gains.There are certain hormones that can accelerate your weight gains. When you know how to keep them under control, you will be successful in curbing your unwanted weight gains.Whether it is thyroid, cortisol or estrogen, only the right balance can keep you healthy. Imbalances could speed up your weight gains.Here are some tips to turn off weight gain hormones.

Ways to turn off weight gain hormones are:

1.Excessive grain consumption my affect your thyroid. When you stop or reduce your grain intake, your thyroid levels may come back to normal. This may prevent weight gains.

2.Actually, sugar is the main culprit that gets you unwanted weight gains. And it is everywhere. Try to curb your intake.

3.When you are stressed out, your body releases cortisol. And to cope up with the stress levels, you may start munching unwanted calories. Also, cortisol may force your body to store more fat by converting blood sugar into fat stores.

4.Even caffeine increases your cortisol levels. Avoid caffeine and find ways to reduce your stress levels in order to prevent unwanted weight gains.

5.Even estrogen has to be regulated in your body. Too much of estrogen could make you gain weight. Soy products could throw the balance off. Try to reduce your consumption of soy. Even meat consumption could throw your estrogen balance off.

6.Even the toxins you ingest, work like estrogen on your body. Toxins are present in cosmetics, canned foods, processed foods and your environment too. They can cause a dip in testosterone levels and also result in unwanted weight gains.

7.Too much of dairy can also interfere with the hormone levels in the body and cause weight gains faster. Try to minimise your intake of animal products like dairy.

These are the ways to turn off weight gain hormones.