Ways To Train Your Body To Lose Weight

Trying to lose weight can be one of the most difficult things to do. More than the physical work you put into it, it is also the emotional strength and the commitment you show towards weight loss that matters. With obesity increasing in people, there is actually no age limit as to when you have to seriously consider weight loss. And it is difficult with all the tasty food around and foods that are genetically modified. Staying at the optimum weight limit not only keeps you healthy but also gives you more energy to do other things. You just have to do the right training and not just go on crazy diets. Training yourself right to lose weight means that you do not lose muscles, but build them instead. Weight loss is all about shedding the extra layer of fat and not body mass.Here are some ways to train your body to lose weight.

Ways to train your body to lose weight are:

1.Weightlifting: Lifting weight is a good way to lose weight and burn off all those extra calories. Weight lifting is a high intensity workout and helps build muscles and also lose weight pretty quickly. Instead of slogging at the treadmill for hours, you can just lift weights and get the same results faster.

2.Portion your meals right: Instead of cutting down on food drastically, you should portion your meals right and have 4-6 small meals a day. Your body too will get used to the small portions after a while and you would not feel too hungry all the time and resist the urge to pile on food.

3.Try high intensity workouts: Studies have shown that a minute or two of high intensity workout three or four times a day is a good way to lose weight. Although walking is good, if you are serious about weight loss, you have to try these high intensity workouts. It could be a fast sprint for a minute or climbing up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

4.Power yoga: Yoga is not only about meditation and bringing your mind to a calm state. Power yoga is designed in such a way that you lose weight as well as make your body flexible. You sure are aware of the ‘other’ benefits of having a flexible body.

5.Bike to work and elsewhere: If your city is safe enough for cyclists, you should bike to work and places you can reach with a bike. Biking strengthens your lower body and also helps burn calories fast. Your legs are fit and shapely when you cycle on a regular basis.

6.Count your calories: You don’t have to worry about the calculations in your head as you have a lot of apps that do the work for you. Download the apps to your iphone or other smart phones and keep track of how much you put in and how much you burn every day.

These are the ways to train your body to lose weight.