Why Should You Love Yoga

Makes you flexible

Yoga includes such exercises that focus on numerous positions, called ‘asanas’. These asanas include the movements of all body parts, especially, joints. All you need to do is stretch your muscles as much as possible. Your instructors will ensure you don’t do it the wrong .These asanas, when followed diligently, will make your body flexible.

Makes you physically and mentally strong

With the help of various asanas, yoga attempts to keep your body fit. At a physical level, you benefit from the various postures and movements that you are asked to follow. Similarly, yoga also keeps your mind fit with the help of several breathing and meditation techniques.

Gives you the perfect figure

The various postures in yoga help you to tone your body and gain the perfect figure. Do not assume that you would become as thin as a rail. But, you would have a slimmer body and vital stats that you can certainly flaunt.

Gives you a healthy heart

The best thing that yoga offers you is a healthy heart. People practicing yoga don’t complain much of hypertension or cardiac issues. Many a times, doctors suggest yoga to patients who are prone to strokes or have high cholesterol levels in order to curb them.

Massages every part of your body

Most other activities and treatments like a workouts or spa services focus on a specific part of the body like the back or the head during a massage. Yoga, on the other hand, massages every part of your body. As a result, you feel wholly relaxed after a yoga session.

Enhances your mood

A healthy body and a relaxed mind tends to improve your mood. You feel more confident and cheerful. Most yoga students look forward to the next session, mainly because these activities make them feel content and happy.

Keeps you away from stress

Although yoga is an age-old technique of establishing a harmony between the mind, body and soul, it has more importance today. This is because yoga, with its calming asanas and pranayamas, helps you keep away from stress.

Better concentration

It also helps in enhancing your concentration levels. With the assistance of meditation techniques taught in a yoga class, you can increase the level of your concentration. This will help you focus while doing anything; petty chores as well as important meetings.

Improves your sexuality

Yes, you read it right. Yoga, indeed, helps you in improving your sexuality. Besides making you fit to engage in healthy sex, yoga proposes a few asanas which help you increase your sensitivity, reduce your anxiety and experience better sex.

Helps you in your pregnancy

Yoga helps you with a smooth pregnancy. Although a pregnant woman cannot practice all the asanas which a regular student can, there are numerous asanas which keep expectant mothers physically prepared for labor and early motherhood.