yoga postures that can cause serious injury if not done correctly

There yoga asanas are tricky

Yoga has always been considered as a gentle and low-impact exercise, offering a plethora of health benefits. It is a powerful activity that reduces stress, promotes relaxation and enhances flexibility. But like any other workout, it is important to maintain the right form and body posture to gain maximum health benefits and avoid injury. 


Headstand is not only the toughest yoga pose, but is also quite risky. Placing your entire body weight on the neck can cause neck injury and strain. It is worst for people with a sensitive neck and may aggravate their pre-existing pain in the spine, if your alignment is not right. 

Shoulder stand

Being careless while getting into Salamba Sarvangasana can trouble your spine and neck. This is an unstable pose and our body is not familiar with getting into such positions. Beginners should strictly avoid doing this yoga pose. In many yoga classes, trainers do not even teach this pose due to their complexity.

Four-Limbed Staff Pose

This pose might look harmless but is way too complicated and tricky than you can imagine. Getting into this pose can be extremely dangerous for your rotator cuff if not performed with utmost precision. The adversity is amplified when this pose is repeatedly done in an incorrect way.