Yoga to get a natural glow


This asana imitates the roar of a lion. It's an anti-ageing pose, and is one of the best facial exercises. From skin tightening to reducing thin lines and removing wrinkles, its benefits outrun those of any expensive facial massage you may get done. Because it increases the blood flow to the face, it gives a natural glow to it as well.

Benefits and how to do it

Breathe in from your mouth. Puff up your cheeks and hold it for a few seconds. Then release the breath through your mouth. Repeat this eight to 10 times. This strengthens cheek muscles and gives you tight, toned cheeks that tend to droop down with age. Place your fingers on your eyebrows. Now pull the eyebrows from the centre towards the end side. Repeat three to four times. It will also help relax and remove stress from the forehead and eyebrow area of the face. The best part about this asana is that it can be done anytime, and gives you the benefits of a facial.