Banana Muffins


Ripe Green Banana -200 grams (peel and then measure it)

Eggs -4

All purpose flour/Maida -200 grams

Sugar - 200 grams (granulated)

Baking powder -1 tsp

Baking soda - a pinch

Oil - 150 grams (any flavorless oil) I used safflower

Banana essence -2 tsp


1.Sieve maida with baking powder and baking soda.Grease the muffin tray or cups with oil and dust with flour.

2.Mash banana well .Add sugar to it and beat till sugar dissolves.Add eggs one by one and beat well. ( I used electric hand blender).Add banana essence and mix it .Then add flour little by little and fold it gently.(Do not beat after adding flour),.Then add oil and mix it well.

3.Preheat the oven for 15 minutes.Now spoon the batter and fill each muffin cups with the batter till 3/4.Top each muffin with slivered almonds.

4.Bake for 20 minutes or until the tops are browned.Insert a toothpick and if it comes out clean, then the muffins are done.Cool, remove from the cups and serve.