Brown Rice Kheer


Brown rice -2 1/2 tbsp

Jaggery - 4-5 tbsp

Milk - 2 cups

Cashew nuts, pistachio, almonds -1 tbsp each roasted

A pinch of ground cardamom powder


1.Ground brown rice coarsely like rava and soak in 1/4 cup of water for 1 hour. Cook brown rice till soft.You can pressure cook also.Dissolve jaggery in a little water and filter it to remove impurities.Chop the nuts and keep it aside.

2.Combine milk and rice in a pan and cook on low flame till milk reduces a little, stirring from time to time.

3.Add jaggery, cardamom powder and mix well. Switch off the flame and garnish with roasted chopped nuts.It can be served either warm or cold.