Easy Dryfruit Cake Recipe


Butter - 150 grams

Sultanas -125 grams

Currants - 125 grams

Cashew nuts - 100 grams

Tutti frutti - 50 grams

Brown sugar - 130 grams

Dry ginger powder - 1 tsp

Cinnamon powder -1 tsp preferable or 2 inch piece

Baking soda/Cooking soda - 1 tsp

Water -1 1/4 cup 

Eggs -2

All purpose flour/Maida - 300 grams

Baking powder - 2 tsp


1.Grease and dust the baking pan and keep it ready.Sift flour and baking powder together and keep it aside.Mix all the dry fruits and nuts in a bowl. Dust it with a tsp of flour and keep it ready.

2.Add baking soda, sugar, water, butter, dry ginger powder, cinnamon powder and cook over medium flame until it boils.

3.Simmer for 2-3 minutes after it boils. Then remove from heat and let it cool completely. If you have used cinnamon stick instead of powder, remove the cinnamon pieces once it cools down completely.

4.Once the mixture has cooled, you can pre heat the oven at 180 degree C for 15 minutes.Beat 2 eggs lightly with a fork and add to the cooled mixture. Beat egg into the mixture until well combined. I used the electric hand beater at low speed.Fold in flour+baking powder mixture gently until well combined.

5.Pour mixture into the greased tin and spread it out evenly with a spatula. Alternatively you can tap the tin for the mixture to settle evenly.Bake for 1 hour or until a skewer inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean.Once baked, cool it and then invert the cake. Delicious, soft, moist and yummy New Year Fruit Cake/Plum Cake without alcohol is ready.