Lose Weight With Low Calorie Snacks

1.Flavored yogurts

Whenever you feel hungry next, try having 1 small tub of low calorie flavored yogurt instead of opening that hideous bag of potato chips. With a new flavor of yogurt being introduced almost every other day, you have loads of options to choose from.


We love popcorn and we love the movies, don’t you? Pump up a popcorn pack in your microwave and snack away while you are working or simply daffing around. The light and buttery low calorie snack is one of our all time favorites.

3.Soups with bread

You thought soups were not filling enough? Well, that’s because you haven’t tried eating soups with garlic breads at 5 pm. Try out this healthy option once and you will become devoted fans. Here’s a tip: Assign one soup flavor to each day of the week and you will never see boredom again.

4.Soy chips

Are you chip crazy? By chip crazy, we mean that you can’t stop your hands from reaching a chip bag while you are watching the telly? You bad, bad girl! If this is your weakness, we suggest you switch to soy chips to avoid putting those love handles on your sides. You’ll have to get used to the taste, but you’ll put on less calories.

5.Sliced fruit

Do you know what the healthiest thing in the world is? Snacking on a fruit bowl. Yes friends, you have no idea what wonders a fruit bowl can do to your system. Not only will it satisfy your hunger pangs, it will also replenish your body with the required minerals and vitamins.