Malabari Paratha

The recipe is simple and easy. The recipe calls for only four ingredients that are easily available in any pantry. It will take a little practice and some patience to make the perfect Kerala Parotta, but you can be sure that the end result will be all worth it.

Serves -3

Cooking Time - 30 minutes 

Preparation time- 20 minutes 


Refined flour/ Maida - I cup 

Oil - 3-4 tbsp 

Salt - to taste 

Water -1 cup


Take a large mixing bowl and add the refined flour, salt and one tablespoon oil in it.

Add water little by little to create a loose dough. 

Now, transfer the dough on to your kitchen top and keep kneading the dough until all the moisture is absorbed. 

The dough gets really stretchy and rubbery by now. 

Rest the dough for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Divide the dough into equal portions.Now, take one of the balls and place it on the oiled kitchen counter-top. 

Flatten it into a thin disk with your fingers and a bread roller. 

Now, fold the flattened dough to resemble that of a hand fan. Then roll it into a disc.

Set the disc aside and repeat the process for the rest of the dough portions. 

Now, take one of the discs and roll it into a thick chapati. 

Do not use much force or you may risk losing the layers in the Malabari Paratha. 

Take the thick paratha and put it on a hot tawa.Roast both the sides until golden brown in colour.

Add a little oil and roast it until it turns crispy. 

Remove the Paratha on to the kitchen counter-top.

Now, use a kitchen towel to fluff the Malabari Paratha to reveal all the lovely layers. 

Serve the Malabari Paratha with korma or gravy of your choice.