Mango Kulfi Recipe


¾ cup mangoes, chopped

½ cup full cream milk, chilled

3 pods cardamom / elaichi / elakki, powdered

½ cup full fat cream / malai

½ cup condensed milk / nestle milkmaid

3 tbsp saffron / kesar water

5 pistachios, chopped

few strands saffron / kesar


1.Firstly, in a large blender take ¾ cup of chopped ripped mangoes. alternatively, use mango puree.Also add, cold milk. add more milk and reduce the amount of cream if you are diet conscious.Furthermore, add half cup of thickened cream. adding more cream makes malai kulfi more rich and creamy.

2.Additionally, add half cup of condensed milk / milkmaid. we are not adding any extra sugar, as condensed milk do contain sugar.Also add half tsp of cardamom powder.And add saffron / kesar water for more rich taste and colour.

3.Close the blender and blend to smooth milkshake consistency.Furthermore, pour the prepared mixture into matka / kulfi mould / glass.Also garnish with few chopped pistachios and saffron strands.

4.Cover with cling wrap / aluminium foil and freeze for 8 hours. covering with cling wraps avoids kulfi from covering with ice crystals.Finally, serve mango matka kulfi chilled.